Плейлист радиоканала Radio Record: 1960-e

Хотите узнать какая песня звучала в эфире? Плейлист радиоканала Radio Record: 1960-e!

На данной странице представлен плейлист эфира Radio Record: 1960-e за последнее время, благодаря этому вы легко можете узнать какая композиция звучала на любимом радио.

(время московское)

Плейлисты других радиостанций:

08:26LITTLE RICHARD - Lucille

08:23T SHERIDAN - Ya Ya

08:21E PRESLEY - House That Has Everything

08:191910 FRUITGUM C - Simon Says

08:16VAN MORRISON - Brown Eyed Girl

08:11K TAYLOR - I Reather Go Blind

08:09E PRESLEY - Joshua Fit The Battle

08:07ZIRCONS - No Twistin' On Sunday

08:04C MONTEZ - Some Kinda Fun

08:02F SINATRA - I Get A kick Out Of U

08:00E PRESLEY - Little Cabin On The Hill

07:57C FRANCIS - Ol'man Mose

07:54MONKEES - I'm A believer

07:52E COOLEY - Priscilla

07:48E PRESLEY - Never Been To Spain

07:47R LAWRENCE - Twist To End All Twists

07:44CHAMPS - Tequilla (Original)

07:40V CARRICO - Hello Darkness

07:37DREAMLOVERS - If I should Lose U

07:35BEATLES - Brithday

07:32CF HENRY - Ain't Got No Home

07:30E PRESLEY - Slowly But Surely

07:28W CARR - Jump Jack, Jump!

07:25L BROWN - My Dreams Are Getting

07:23J DEE - Hey, Let's Twist

07:21EVERLY BROTHERS - Bye Bye Love

07:18C CHECKER - Limbo Rock

07:16E PRESLEY - All Shook Up

07:14R CHARLES - Hit The Road Jack

07:11L ALLISON - Night Life

07:09E PRESLEY - I'm Not The Marrying Kind

07:06P LEE - As Time Goes By

07:04J JONES - California Sun

07:00M RIPERTON - Lovin' U

06:58E PRESLEY - Teddy Bear

06:56J CHARLES - Age For Love

06:53STRAY CATS - Rock This Town

06:52J HAMMER - Girl-Girl-Girl

06:51 -

06:49ROBERT & JOHNNY - We Belong Together

06:46E PRESLEY - Don't Think Twice

06:42B MCFERRIN - Don't Worry Be Happy

06:38H DIAL - Born Under A bad Sign

06:365 BLOBS - Blob

06:33J CYMBAL - Mr Bass Man

06:315 ROYALES - Think

06:28E PRESLEY - Big Love Big Heartache

06:26CRAZY CAVAN - Both Wheels

06:23CORSAIRS - Smoky Places

06:21C FRANCIS - Kiss'n'twist

06:19E PRESLEY - Hard Headed Woman

06:17FALCONS - U're So Fine

06:14CHAKACHAS - Der Twist Ist Passe

06:12E PRESLEY - Please Don't Drag That String

06:08ACES - Can't See The Light

06:06G VINCENT - Say Mama

06:03W JACKSON - Right Or Wrong

06:01R BUCHANAN - Treat Her Right

05:58E PRESLEY - Almost In Love

05:56B HALEY - Rock Around The Clock

05:53C GAYLE - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes

05:49E PRESLEY - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

05:47L REED - Do The President Twist

05:455 KEYS - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

05:43E PRESLEY - Take Me To The Fair

05:40R CHARLES - I've Got A woman

05:37RED EYE - Another Fool

05:35PENTAGONS - To Be Loved Forever

05:32E PRESLEY - Guitar Man

05:30JL LEWIS - Great Balls Of Fire

05:28F SINATRA - Chicago

05:26CREDENCE - Travelin' Band

05:24E PRESLEY - Fun In Acapulco

05:21LITTLE RICHARD - Bama Lama Bama Loo

05:17G BAKER SELECTION - Little Green Bag

05:14L ARMSTRONG - Fine Romance

05:12E PRESLEY - Poison Ivy League

05:09N SINATRA - These Boots

05:05D BYRD - Cristo Redenter

05:04E PRESLEY - We're Coming In Loaded

05:01C CLARK - Party Lights

04:59F DAVIS - Peppermint Twist Time

04:56N SEDAKA - Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

04:55COASTERS - Yakety Yak

04:52E PRESLEY - I Gotta Know


04:47L WILLIAMS - Short Fat Fannie

04:44E PRESLEY - Echoes Of Love

04:42F ALAMO - Non, Ne Dis Pas Adieu

04:39R NELSON - I'm Walkin'

04:35P SHANNON - Jail Of Love

04:32DUPREES - U Belong To Me

04:30B LEE - Won't U please

04:28E PRESLEY - Hurt

04:25L RUSS - My Wife Can't Cook

04:24FLYING SAUCERS - Rock Round The Baby

04:21F FENDER - Holy One

04:18E PRESLEY - Jailhouse Rock

04:16BEATLES & T SHERIDAN - My Bonnie

04:13P COMO - Magic Moments

04:08BEACH BOYS - Surfin' Safari

04:04S BLANK - Dimples

04:02C LEE - Pretty Little Angel Eyes

03:59C FRANCIS - Pretty Little Baby

03:57E PRESLEY - Cindy, Cindy

03:54N SEDAKA - Next Door To An Angel

03:52DION - Runaround Sue

03:49C FRANCIS - Love Me Tender

03:45GRATEFUL DEAD - Johnny B goode!

03:43FLYING SAUCERS - South's Gonna Rise Again

03:40F SINATRA - Love Is The Tender Trap

03:37O MCLOLLIE - Hey Girl, Hey Boy

03:35C BERRY - Johnny B goode!!

03:30BLUE BY NATURE - Blues Is In My Way

03:27CHORDS - Sh-Boom

03:24C MANN - Pretend

03:22C MILLER - Bertha Lou

03:20LITTLE ANTHONY - Tears On My Pillow

03:18DARTS - At My Front Door!

03:15E PRESLEY - Don't Cry Daddy

03:13C RICHARD - Reelin' & Rockin'!

03:11S MASTERS - Rockin' Red Wing

03:09J JONES - Handy Man

03:06S NELSON - Day Train

03:04R NELSON - It's Late

03:00A LEE - Real Life Blues

02:58D DALE - Let's Go Trippin'

02:55D WARWICK - Walk On By

02:53FROGMEN - Underwater

02:51B DARVELL - How Will It End

02:48N SINATRA - Things

02:46C KENNER - I Like It Like That

02:44D SHANNON - Runaway

02:41D CLARK - Hey Little Girl

02:38E PRESLEY - It's A matter Of Time

02:36L BAKER - Jim Dandy

02:33D EDDY - dance With The Guitar Man

02:29METRO - Strom Comin'

02:26J ZACHERLE - Dinner With Drac

02:24RATTLES - Shimmy Shimmy

02:21LITTLE RICHARD - Tutti Frutti!

02:18MOONGLOWS - Sincerely

02:16D V-KINGS - Whispering Bells

02:14F SINATRA - Let's Get Away From It All

02:10URGE OVERKILL - Girl, U'll Be A woman Soon

02:08EXCITERS - Tell Him

02:05B DIDDLEY - Road Runner

02:03LITTLE RICHARD - Ready Teddy!

02:00C BERRY - U Never Can Tell

01:56L CARNER - Another Bad Day

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